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Name:Jason Christopher Argent
Birthdate:Aug 22
Location:Beacon Hills, California, United States of America
Website:@ beaconhillshigh

Jason Christopher Argent is the illegitimate son of Chris Argent and Talia Hale. Chris has harboured the secret for many years, since before even his daughter was born, and the only other person who knew of it is now deceased. That other person was Talia Hale, Derek Hale's mother. In the midst of the fallout of the Hale family, Chris had a brief but torrid affair with Talia, which resulted in her falling pregnant. Knowing Talia was a powerful Alpha, Chris knew there was a distinct chance the baby would be born a werewolf and not wanting to be linked with a werewolf family when his own family had spent generation hunting them, Chris told Talia to have the pregnancy aborted and to never speak of the affair again.

Talia refused, and made the decision to keep the pregnancy a secret, and after giving birth, she arranged to have the baby - a son - adopted by a family who had werewolf knowledge and would accept his true form. Jason Christopher was adopted by a family in Atlanta, Georgia, and they collected him the day after he was born. Talia was devastated to lose one of her own children, but her bitterness towards the Argents made her swear to Chris he would never know his son nor where he had been sent. Chris lived with the secret burning inside him, but stayed true to his family's code and pushed it down to a dark place inside, never speaking of it again.

Until now. With losing every other member of his family, save for a father he hates, and suffering the heartbreaking loss of his daughter, Chris finds himself desperately yearning to find his first born child and son. He realises this means having to reveal to Derek what happened, and trying to help the werewolf see why his mother kept the knowledge of his younger brother a secret from him. Since Allison's death, Chris has been searching for his son, and with his many connections, managed to track him down in Atlanta, Georgia. It was over a week his son, Jason (now 18 years old), avoided his calls until Chris decided to throw caution to the wind and go to Georgia to face his son in person. But again, via email, Jason told Chris not to bother, and just as Chris was giving up hope, somewhat gone into seclusion in the wake of Allison's death, suddenly his son shows up on his doorstep demanding answers.

After he was adopted as an infant, Jason (known more commonly as JC for his initials) was raised by a typical traditional very well-off Southern family in Atlanta, Georgia. They knew of werewolves, and had a pack living in their home town, and raised Jason as their own. Even though his full name on his birth certificate was Jason Christopher Argent, named after his father, his adoptive parents just simply began using their own surname as his, though his name was never legally changed. He was raised Jason Christopher Jennings, and they never led him to believe he wasn't adopted. He grew up knowing he was, but never had a desire to learn more of his birth father... not after hearing about the Argents from the local werewolf pack who discussed the family of hunters in a less than savoury fashion. He also grew up knowing he was a werewolf, and whilst his family never judged him for that, they never understood either.

Jason's werewolf abilities were nurtured by the local pack, that he never felt truly a part of. He was always restless, and it developed into a teen rebellion when he was in high school, disliking the old Southern traditional ways of his adoptive family and hometown. He started smoking, drinking, and doing drugs, though the drugs and alcohol never really got him intoxicated in small amounts. He had a bit of a bad boy edge and was constantly getting into fights at school, which he would always win because of his werewolf strength. At the age of 16, he had a terrible run-in with a rival pack in a nearby town and was badly injured. By the time he was 17, he had dropped out of school and had no plans of going back.

He'd had an interest in Motorcross, a sport he had been doing since he was 10 years old, but after ditching school, he bought himself a general motorcycle for getting around. So, when his biological father tried to get in contact with him, at first, Jason had zero interest in knowing the bastard. He could rot in hell for all he cared. He had shut him down entirely, until, a few days later, he just wrote his adoptive parents a note, got on his bike and rode all the way across the country to Beacon Hills, and showed up on Chris Argent's doorstep demanding an explanation for his fuckery.

Jason is an Original Character based in the Teen Wolf (TV Series) canon. He is the illegitimate son of Chris Argent and half-brother of Derek Hale, and exists for PSLs, beaconhillshigh and untiltheendstarts.

Jason is an original muse character based on Teen Wolf (TV Series) canon. For RP and muse purposes only. PB is Scott Mechlowicz. This journal has no affiliation to Teen Wolf, Jeff Davis, MTV or Scott Mechlowicz.

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